Thursday, October 14, 2010

Another adventure launching soon!

Well I'm clearing out the cob-webs and dusting off the update button. I'm heading off on another exciting journey in just three weeks. I will be visiting Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Malaysia.

I am pretty much excited in the pants.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

New stuff coming soon...

Hey everyone,

 Sorry for the lack of new posts. I have been in China and they have placed a blanket ban on most blogs as well as Facebook.
I am back in Tokyo now and should be able to post some new stuff very soon. There are plenty of awesome stories from my adventure through China as well as some backdated ones from South Korea and Japan. 

So stay tuned...

Your pal,

Monday, November 9, 2009

Rambles in the domain!

The Rambling Journey now has it's own domain - Hooray!

This means very little for you the reader because you will be redirected to the new address automatically.

So what are you waiting for? Get back into it!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Not a breast in sight...

Stumbling awkwardly down the aisle of the bus we timidly thanked the bus driver, who seemed to have a penchant for terrifying his passengers by doing 90 around winding sea cliff highways.

We had arrived at the beautiful little fishing village of Sinnam. This quaint town is nestled nicely in a bay that is framed dramatically by two jagged towering cliffs on either side. With a white sea-swell relentlessly lashing, it paints a majestic panorama.

However, this town is famous for something a little more risqué than simply barnacles and oysters. Its home to Haeshingdang Park or as it’s more famously known “Penis Park” (Giggles). A park dedicated to all things willy, which leads to a most hilarious day out, I assure you.

The best way to get here is from the bustling town of Samcheok in Gangwon-do Province, South Korea. Purchase a ticket to Sinnam from the Bus terminal or alternatively ask for a timetable at the nearby Tourist information. They say it will take around half an hour to get there but it’s more like 45-50 minutes and remember to ask the driver to stop at Sinnam, as it is not the final destination on his route.

Walking towards the entrance to the park you will be exposed to a very odd mix of seafood snacks and penis paraphernalia. Little old women grin cheekily at you as they point a bottle of local liquor that has been auspiciously capped with a dong.

Upon entering the park which sets you back about two dollars, you can’t help but feel a little inadequate as everywhere you look, there is a massive veiny colossus staring you right in the eye. Wood carvings of the famous man region come in all shapes, styles and sizes, giving this park a very tongue in cheek feel. In no way does it ever feel seedy or dirty, there is even an entertaining soundtrack played over the PA.
The park has been designed to celebrate sexuality and the worship of phallic objects, which has been a tradition in this area for hundreds of years.
A competition was held for local artists to submit a carving and have it displayed in Haeshingdang. An eclectic mix of lovingly carved manhood was produced. Ranging from traditional to modern, bizarre to conceptual; if it’s pointy it’s been thought of here in Penis Park.

Oddly enough, right in the middle of the park is a fishing and maritime museum just to break up your raucous penis adventure. Inside there is some interesting displays regarding traditional fishing techniques, seafood recipes and even an interactive boat ride complete with a broken screen. Wandering around the museum you can’t help but find your mind traipsing back to the detailed host of knobs grinning cheerfully just outside. So it’s a quick run around then right back out to the action.

Further up the hill is a hilarious fellowship of the ring style semi circle of cock. With an intricate array of animals carved directly into the penises and an epic seaside view, you can’t help but feel a like an erotic version of Frodo Baggins being bestowed with a greatly important task. (Insert your own cock ring jokes here.)

Haeshingdang Park is well worth a visit if you’re coming to South Korea. It breaks up the usual sight seeing of stuffy old temples and mountain ranges and replaces it with a flaming big erection right in your face.  


Monday, November 2, 2009

The world needs to know...

You may be thinking from the title of this post and the fact that I’m currently in Korea, I may have come by some insider information on North/South relations… This is not true.
Today I’m posting about Chicken and Beer.

Here in South Korea there is an amazing type of restaurant where the menu consists of only two things: Chicken and Beer.
It couldn’t be easier, simply walk in and take a seat and answer “Yes and yes” to the following two questions “chicken? Beer?” and your on your way!

Minimum décor, deep fried manliness and tall frosty ones rouse the inner beast. The mouth waters, primal grunts echo as you wash back the amber liquid in preparation for the sweet chickeny feast.
The waitress lays out your tools of war – Fork, chicken salt, hot sauce. In addition to these essentials she puts out a strange pickled side dish. When on its own the cured white vegetable tastes somewhat displeasing. However, when eaten with a mouthful of chicken, a sweet love song is played out in your mouth. Waves of joy and rainbow colours, salty musical notes caress your soul as your mind falls onto an inter-stellar chicken drumstick rocket ship.

Your vision snaps back to reality at the sound of a loud ticking clock on the wall. You’ve been fantasizing and the meal hasn’t even arrived yet. Adjusting your shirt, you look around at the other patrons hoping they didn’t catch you mid meat fantasy.
Across the table your strictly vegetarian girlfriend looks hungry and impatient. She is wondering why she is even in the restaurant and wants out immediately. A quick flash of cash solves the problem as she promptly heads for the door in search of less meaty options.

The waitress rounds the corner, and here it comes. An extra large plate of deep fried chicken and your all alone; life is sweet. The large mound of chicken glistens in the fluorescent light of the restaurant as the gorging begins.
As with any fried feast you start off excited and hungry, however things quickly turn grim as you hastily stuff you face. Chicken, beer, side dish – Beer, side dish, chicken.

You adjust your pants to make more room. Your excitement has now shriveled into lament. Mouthful after mouthful, your breathing has slowed. Too much greasy chicken as another sickly burp farts out your mouth.
Three more pieces chuckle at you from the plate. Your eyes squint as you stare at the chicken with hatred. “I HATE YOU!!!!”
Your fingers flitter around the plate as you push the meat back and forth, contemplating the inevitable consumption of said chicken. “I HATE YOU!!!!”

Your eyes are low, the deed is done, and the plate is empty…
Apparently you just consumed near to a whole chicken and you can feel it squawking in your stomach. Slumped in your seat, you hate what just happened. Somehow mustering up enough energy to pay the bill, you waddle lamely out of the restaurant.
Full as you are, reflecting back, the man deep inside simply can’t wait for the next greasy, life affirming visit to an all Korean chicken and beer fiesta.